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As an experiment, I took two vector art files I had, one very simple (a flat icon design) and the other very complex (a texture for a 3d model with lots of drop shadows and non-linear gradients).

The SVGs in question were 6kB and 568kB in size, respectively.

At 25% size (around 256x256px) the PNGs were 13kB and 30kB respectively.

At 100% size (around 1024x1024px) they were 60kB and 266kB respectively.

I scaled the complex image to 200% (2048x2048) just out of curiosity, and it became 841kB, roughly 28x the size of the smallest, which uses 1/64 as many pixels. It is interesting that the complex image seems to approach size growing with area at the high end of resolution. Of course, this is a sample of 2.

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