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What a fantastic resource! Thank you for sharing this.

A bit of an FYI for anyone else downloading: It's 223 pages, so if your Adobe reader croaks or feels glitchy while scrolling, try Sumatra PDF instead. It will be almost like opening a plain text document. Plus you can easily highlight text.

  Millions of words have been written about rocketry and space travel,
  and almost as many about the history and development of the rocket.
  But if anyone is curious about the parallel history and development
  of rocket propellants — the fuels and the oxidizers that make them
  go —he will find that there is no book which will tell him what he
  wants to know. There are a few texts which describe the propellants
  currently in use, but nowhere can he learn why these and not some-
  thing else fuel Saturn V or Titan II, or SS-9. In this book I have tried
  to make that information available, and to tell the story of the de-
  velopment of liquid rocket propellants: the who, and when, and where
  and how and why of their development. The story of solid propellants
  will have to be told by somebody else.

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