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Reading this brought back a memory for me too, even if just as a bystander. I was lucky to be able to attend dConstruct 2010, it was the most wonderful design conference I’ve been to so far. All the presentations, by the likes of Merlin Mann, John Gruber, and David McCandless, were very inspiring.

It was a one day event and all the talks were held in the same space. At one point, the guys from Lanyrd came on stage and explained how the site worked. They asked all the attendees to tweet to @lanyrd and write that they are attending dConstruct. That way, everyone got automatically added on the Lanyrd site as attendees, with profile and everything. It was an impressive demo.

Until now, I didn’t know that was the event when Lanyrd officially launched, it come across to me like they’d been polishing the app for ages.

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