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Invite Hackers: Work with a YC startup (InstantCab) for a week
on Sept 13, 2013 | hide
TL;DR: We'd like to pay smart hackers to come work with us for 2-10 days (preferably, at least 5 days).

We'll work together on a real problem. You'll get to see what works, and what doesn't.

We think you'll enjoy it and if you find out it's your thing, we hope you'll come work with us full time.

If not, you just spent a week working on something useful and got paid to do it.

Interviews full of syntax questions are dead. Let's do this the right way.


About us:

Transportation is just now becoming the sexy thing with millions of dollars in funding. While we've got some of that, we have been making transportation easier for a long time starting as a profitable bootstrapped company. Our team started by automating transportation for a bunch of University (U.C. Berkeley, Georgia Tech, Duke, Stanford), corporate and public transit fleets - automating over a million rides a year.

We were in YCombinator's W12 batch.

In March 2013 [1], we launched InstantCab (www.instantcab.com) which provides friendly rides from the best drivers in SF. We have fixed fares that never surge, a small motivated team of 13 with a lot of ♥, and a laser focus on serving our customers (riders and drivers) better than anyone else in the world.

How will we win against the behemoths, you ask?

We'd love to tell you. We'd also love to tell you why some of best investors in the world (Khosla Ventures, Garry Tan, Alexis Ohanian, Harj Taggar and YCombinator, amongst many others) agree with us.

---- What we offer:

- A meaningful role on a small team.

- Near market salary and meaningful equity.

- Team mates who are genuinely good people.

- Catered team lunch every day (including home made catered lunch on Friday).

- Your SF rides will be on us.


About you:

You have at least 2 years of experience writing great code. You have code samples you can share with us - preferably real projects hosted on github or something similar. We use Python+Django and have apps on iOS and Android. We'd love for you to have experience with one or more these, but it's not necessary.


Next step:

Email team at instantcab.com your resume and preferably a link to your github profile or some code samples.

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