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GNU MediaGoblin 0.5.0: "Goblin Force" released (mediagoblin.org)
70 points by jwandborg on Sept 5, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 24 comments

Can anyone who is running this explain why and how he uses it? As far as I understand it, its not a media center solution but rater a self hosted social network focused on sharing media.

How would a typical use case look like: Set up a mediagoblin instance to share vacation photos and videos with your friends?

I set this up after my first child was born so that my wife and I, along with all of the other family members could post pictures and videos of our daughter (and our family) on a machine I control. When someone babysits her and takes pictures/videos they too can post them.

This serves us in many ways. For instance, we have all of the pictures in one place, not spread over many services depending on where family members post them -- although some family members also post to facebook :( For the grandmothers and grandfathers we just give them the url instead of trying to explain a YouTube channel to them. They know how urls work, not how YouTube works.

This also serves as a backup. The server is hosted outside our apartment so the pictures we put there can be easily fetched in case something happens to our apartment (and computers - but this can also be fixed with a backup server, this is a side effect).

Basically, family album in one place -- no matter who the photographer is (and backup).

Hey, how does the backup system work for you? I'm wondering if this would be a good thing to set up, in addition to my Flickr account.

It's not an automatic backup system... and it's not a copy of all photos/videos on our computers.

The pictures/videos we want to keep (would not want to lose in a fire) we upload to our MediaGoblin instance. MediaGoblin saves them in a folder on the server (the original media files and the processed ones). If something happens to our home, we'll be able to easily fetch the most precious images from the server.

The only thing I'd have to work around is that every media file is stored in a separate folder along with the processed files so I would have to write a script to "go into each folder and fetch the file that doesn't end with medium.[ext] and thumbnail.[ext]". Come to think of it, it might be worth it to just write a "Download all originals" plugin since MediaGoblin already knows the originals... but since our apartment hasn't been destroyed I'm not in a hurry.

I think it is a self hosted solution for Flickr/Vimeo use cases.

media goblin + cheap hosting + yearly domain fee = your own flickr/picasa/youtube/vimeo/etc

No more have your videos removed without explanation because you had some radio barely audible in the background or some other idiotic issues

you don't think your cheap webhost will drop you immediately if they get a DMCA takedown?

Do you think your cousin is going to turn you in?

DMCA doesn't apply in Europe?

The EUCD does. It also has takedown provisions.

They will not get it to begin with.

1. there will be not many people watching it to begin with.

2. even if there are, it's distributed across so many media goblins install. break down youtube access for (1/3 * number of videos they have) = number of different DMCA requests the MAFIAA lawyers will have to work out. It just will not scale as it does now.

Congrats MediaGoblin team, this is one of my favorite open source projects. Keep up the awesome work :D

If anyone else is interested, I started a side project aimed at making MediaGoblin easy to install on Heroku:


For the most part it works, but if any of you are Celery gurus, I could get it working the way I wanted.

Is the way MediaGoblin is imported what makes it okay to release this as MPL? I have a similar licensing situation for a GPL Python package I would like to use.

Heh. Honestly, I'm not sure. IANAL, but I think it would be okay considering MPL version 2 is a GPL compatible license


That said, I tend to just pick MPL by default for my projects, but am not opposed to changing to make it compatible (not to mention there's hardly any code in the repo anyways)

IANAL either, but I believe. MPL can be imported by a GPL project, but not the other way around, as the importer would need to be licensed as GPL, too.

FSF has a rather lengthy text regarding using MPL with GPL at http://www.gnu.org/licenses/license-list.html#MPL-2.0

I would agree with the above statement that MPL can be licensed as GPL, but not the other way around. However, I would follow the FSF advice in keeping MPL code MPL through dual licensing.

I tried messing with the Mediagoblin Openshift project, I think I've given up. Do you have video working on the Heroku one?

"MediaGoblin is a free software media publishing platform that anyone can run. You can think of it as a decentralized alternative to Flickr, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc."

This information is on the front page [1], but there is no link to that page from the linked page that I could find.

(Note for people reading this who design websites: Make sure someone linked to any page on your product's site can easily find an explanation of what your product is and does.)

[1] http://www.mediagoblin.org/

Patches welcome.

Is MediaGoblin similar to Plex (http://www.plexapp.com/)?

If so, which one is better?

"You can think of it as a decentralized alternative to Flickr, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc."

It's more of a personal media store than a media streaming solution like Plex.

Holy hell is that nerd cartoon crap and sales patter off-putting. Get a designer, stat.

Seriously. Having fun and creating cool artwork shouldn't be allowed in this industry.

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