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Whenever I see posts about voice controlling your computer, I spontaneously think "thank the heavens I don't have to share an office with you." I realize some people work alone, at home or in a sound proof office, but every work environment I've worked in has had a shared acoustic space.

These voice control schemes almost always end up as a cool gimmick, and rarely as a productivity boosting solution.

Because you're thinking about it wrong. Together with HUD, it will be a godsend for anybody who needs to have hands free and yet work with a computer. And if the microphone is close enough your mouth, you won't have to talk loudly to it.

For example, I could go to tend garden and yet think about some problem, take notes, even code. Or check email, browse internet. I can work on hardware thing and have schematics or specifications appear in front of my eyes. I can have a walk and take notes. I can eat while working.

Eventually, no office will be required. You can just stroll in the park and get the work done.

None of those usecases seem like something I would find useful, and talking with my mouth full doesn't seem convenient, I'm guessing your recognition ratio would go way down.

Stroll through the park coding on your Google Glass doesn't seem useful? Well, maybe not useful, but it would certainly be cool :)

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