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neilc 1794 days ago | link | parent

AWS CloudWatch seems remarkably expensive: 15 cents per instance per hour! Considering that all they are doing is aggregating and distributing per-VM statistics.

Woops: Brainfade. Yes, 1.5 cents/instance/hour, not 10x that. Still, quite expensive I think.

WALoeIII 1794 days ago | link

From the Amazon page its $0.015/hr:

With Amazon CloudWatch... at a rate of $0.015 per hour for each Amazon EC2 instance you choose to monitor...

As an example, a developer may want to monitor 10 Amazon EC2 instances 24×7 for a 30-day period. The Amazon CloudWatch cost would be $108 (or $0.015 per Amazon EC2 instance hour x 10 Amazon EC2 instances x 24 hours per day x 30 days)...

That is close to what it costs to run a single instance to collect all your statistics (75$ if its small + your time is worth something!).


neilc 1794 days ago | link

Yeah, my bad. Still, I think it's quite expensive. If all they are offering is some simple runtime stats, then a 15% surcharge on the cost of a small instance is pretty expensive. If you have 50 instances, you're paying $540/month just for monitoring.

That is close to what it costs to run a single instance to collect all your statistics

Assuming you need a completely separate instance which couldn't do anything else but monitoring, which is unlikely to be the case.


wmf 1794 days ago | link

Think of it as a bailout for the third-party cloud monitoring startups; at least they have a chance to be cheaper than Amazon.


kirubakaran 1794 days ago | link

It is 1.5 cents per instance per hour. ($0.015)

[source : http://aws.amazon.com/cloudwatch/]


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