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Did you know it is illegal to broadcast encrypted signals on HAM radio? Wonder how long it will take for that to come to the internet.

Ham radio is a special case, and it is actually the Hams trying to block crypto. There is actually an FCC open rule making issue right now on the issue, and arrl is against it.

The solution is to develop protocols which use crypto but use a public key for now.

I saw that. Apparently issue is with self-monitoring. Also, would only be allowed for emergencies.

I didn't know that! I used to be a member of FidoNet (pre-internet network that provided e-mail and usenet-like services) back in 1990s and any commercial activity and encryption was similarly prohibited - relay operators were even supposed to read their users' mail and delete any messages that violated the rules.

I don't think there's any chance of this coming to the internet though. There are just too much uses for encryption besides conspiring for terrorist attacks.

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