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Okay, I spent two minutes.

...I have no idea what this is. It's for building...apps? Apparently mobile apps. Maybe ios/Android apps? Okay, I want to build an app, is this relevant for me? Is this like...phonegap? Or unity? Or is this some sort of ad network? Or analytics? What is this?

Oh, and how much is it? The price calculator helpfully informs me that if I have 4 apps then that's $12/month, + $0 for the 0 developers, for a total of $0/month, in addition to the $10/base cost. So is that....$12, or $0, or $10, or $22/month? Also, I'd obviously need at least one login to the "command center" (or is that obvious? What is the command center? Do I need a login? Why do more than one developers need a login?). But developers apparently cost money, but I can't set the number of developers unless I add Team Management for $20/month, and then I can set developers, including to 0 (come to that, I can set the number of apps to 0 to; this implies the product is useful with no apps? Is it?), but the total is still $0/month no matter what, plus the $10/month base cost, except I think it must be plus $30/month...or not? Honestly, I'm confused.

Oh, and some bits of the site react poorly to narrow or moderate page widths, including the pricing calculator of doom. Responsive coding to hide the calculator on narrow screens is fine, but it fails to init properly on narrow screens, so if you then make your browser window wider, it's stuffed. Even more so than normally.

On the plus side: I guess I've got to give some credit for the most annoying mystery-meat navigation I've seen. The tiny "planets" move so fast, it takes a significant amount of work to actually get it to stop. And doing so tells me...

...symbolification? Whatever that is? I think? Except my mouse moved, and now the planet is gone ...off canvas? And I can't see it. And now it's back, or maybe a new one is back, since they all look the same, and they vanish and reappear, and can't really be tracked. Except this one can't really be hovered over, maybe because there's a dead zone, or maybe it's a bug, or maybe it's lag, or maybe it's that this one doesn't have a tooltip. Who knows? Who cares? But the more I play with the ...menu? The worse it works; now nothing is light up, but putting the mouse in random places makes planets across the screen light up; it seems to be getting steadily further out of sync.

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