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The Mother of All Demos (wikipedia.org)
67 points by sentiental on July 5, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

Here is the full 100 Minutes on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJDv-zdhzMY

EDIT - Mother Of All Demos - 18:57 Hyperlinks / 31:50 Mouse & VC 45:59 Video Conference / 1:03:59 Collaborative Working / 1:12:58 Collaborative Working with VC / 1:34:09 Cross Country WAN / Internet Concepts (via youtube)

Yes, please use this link instead of the 11-part version that was uploaded before on YT. This one is better quality and of course all in one piece. Was coming here to link it myself.

Until now I was not caring much about the news of the death of the guy, it was like: "oh, he invented mouse, so what?"

But no, he invented a lot of the internet concepts and technologies, at the same time, and with help of a distributed team, before internet existed.

He is so fucking awesome, that I feel bad not knowing about all this until now!

In fact, this guy is so awesome, so awesome, that I think he could defeat Chuck Norris.

If upon my death I managed half of what this guy did, I would die very happy.

Saw this a few years ago. Mind boggling what he had created back then and how long we have waited for it. Things like the demonstrated collaborative working didn't (and sometimes don't) even work as well as then a few years ago. Very impressive.

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