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A Difficult Month - Post Mortem (iron.io)
57 points by rubikscube 1489 days ago | hide | past | web | 5 comments | favorite

But how did they shard a queue on multiple servers?

They say that the problem was the number of items in one queue. If this is the issue, and they have a way to handle a large number of small full queues but not a single huge one, what comes to mind is linking some "virtual queues" so that a queue is stored in many small queues, stored on different servers. Instering an item would put it in the first queue until that reaches the limit, then switch to a new one, on another server.

Honesty goes a long way.

I saw iron.io, I thought immediately it was another Ruby bashing article.

Fair enough. :) For the record, we actually use a lot of Ruby in our frontend systems as well as organize the SFRails meetup group in San Francisco. We just -- love GoLang for everything else.

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