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If you are not American, our laws apply to you, but not our rights. So you are out of luck if you want to file a FOIA.

Replying to myself here...

Not sure why this is getting down voted, it isn't hard to understand or show evidence of. You may not agree with it, but it is fact. For example a Columbian drug lord can break American laws without ever stepping foot on US soil. A hacker in China can violate wiretapping laws. The sovereignty of other nations has given way to extradition, extraordinary rendition, or even drone strikes.

If you are not American, our laws apply to you


Even if someone is physically not in the US? Have I misunderstood something for a very long time?


There are other examples. This is the one that came to mind most readily. I don't smoke up. I don't support Marc Emery. I was however, ashamed at how nut-less my government was in handing him over.

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