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Markdown-based notepad (wri.pe)
45 points by masuidrive on June 2, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 34 comments

Can you please provide a demo, animated tutorial, or something before requiring sign in via yet another third-party service?

I finished to upload tutorial movie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWKV6Z3pSW0

Can I have your comments?

I'll embed to top page.

A demo or a Guest Login would have been a lot better.

Providing a demo - great. But why all the complaints about requiring third-party login? It wasn't so long ago we were all complaining about "yet another account" and asking sites to support third-party logins.

That's not what he means and you know it.

They require Social connect without a demo or any substantive reason to do so.

I didn't interpret it that way at all - if the issue was just "demo before sign-in" the comment would have not specified "third-party". However I'll concede I was somewhat directed at the 5 other comments saying similar things in this thread.

As far as social connect - it's using the most popular authentication service (Facebook, where you can usually control any social permissions), and a dev-specific auth service (GitHub). Sounds a lot better to me than creating a new account somewhere else, particularly as I trust those two providers with authentication.

>>Facebook, where "you can" "usually" control any social permissions

That's a topic where the debate is on for years!

And I'll provide demo account instead of wri.pe account.

Here are a few screenshots for anyone that doesn't want to wait for masuidrive to deliver on a demo: http://imgur.com/a/VvWwA

Sure, I'll create tutorial demo soon.

Sign in with Facebook | Sign in with Github

You lost me at Hello.

Great work!

Makes me incredibly nostalgic for Google Notebook (the highest of complements)!

Notebook could be something like this nowadays if the company hadn't begun to reject their side projects. Google's "Keep" is nothing like the journaling/meeting/class note app that Notebook was, or this is. I look forward to using it.

Can you please provide a way to log in that doesn't involve me using a third-party service? To ask someone to sign in using Facebook or GitHub you need a really good reason.

Also, can you provide a video or something? I know someone else already mentioned this, but I think it's really essential.

Why a better reason than a normal account creation process? Are the per-site accounts of old really a better system than leaving auth to the big players?

I can't tell at a glance - does this have any benefits over something like Simplenote? Simplenote has many solid apps and is pretty well established.

wri.pe has two key features.

- gmail like Archive - Calendar view

Dates writen in the title or body of your notes are automatically inserted in your calendar.

please try to use wri.pe.

"please try to use wri.pe."

I don't use Facebook, and do not have a github account as I am not a coder. Do I conclude that you do are not targeting your application at me?

How would I export notes with a timeline a few years down the line?

And wri.pe used many HTML5 features for UI response.

> Sign in with Facebook or Github

Why, oh, why does everyone insist on Facebook authentication? Aren't there any people like me, who do not have a Facebook account, and do not wish to obtain one simply for a text editor?

It's a text editor, I don't think sign-in should be required.

I would avoid Facebook account, too much personal information there. Try twitter, instead.

It is like you read my mind. I've been thinking I'd love to have a simple web based markdown editor.

I wrote one for my blog, maybe it is of use for you, too.


I think the problem raised about login is due to the limited options, either Facebook or Github.

People don't trust websites that quickly ask for their Facebook account. It looks spammy.

I'm all for third-party authentication, I hate creating yet another account. I think the balance is to offer more choices than just Facebook or Github. And I don't like linking my Github to things that are not directly involving my code.

The way StackExchange does is the right way, I believe. Offering more neutral, flexible OAuth providers than only Facebook (and in that case a smaller player like Github).

This is meant as a constructive comment, if anybody ends up at this line thinking I'm just whining.

Am I the only one who thinks that this kind of apps would be so much better if they ran natively?

It's one of the things why I don't like Chrome os concept - some things should not be ran in the browser. A text editor is one of them.

Neat! Does it support tables? This is one of the biggests disadvantages of the existing solutions.

Ok, tried it and it does! That's pretty neat. However, the formatting is slightly different than on github.

My next question would be how to change the size of the preview area. It seems to be fixed width, adjusted for a 1024px screen.

wri.pe support resizing preview area now. please try it after reload sevral times.

Review article in Startup Dating.

Wri.pe: A simple and handy note-taking app from Japan http://www.startup-dating.com/2013/06/wri-pe-note-taking-app

What does notepad app have to do with facebook account?.

Is this open source (if no, why not)?

You should also put some more effort into the demo video. _At least_ use a clean Safari browser.

great pain less apps!!

Any API exposed? Any desktop/mobile apps out there or are in the pipeline?

Because I really doubt that a YAMNA[1] is going to matter much or is brining anything better or new[2] on the table.

[1] Yet Another Markdown/Note App :-) (minus the smiley)

[2] I could not find a demo that I can use first hand before logging in via GitHub, Fb is out of question anyway.

I usually disagree with complaints that HN is getting more unfriendly, but this is a good example of that. You could at least sugar-coat this criticism, this look to me to be nicely implemented, and there's nothing wrong with YAMNA.

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