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Sell HN: Do you have a side project you want to sell?
145 points by illdave on June 1, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 191 comments
In a previous HN thread about selling side projects, someone floated the idea of trying out a "Sell HN" thread - so here it is.

If you have any side projects that you've built and that you no longer have time for, list them here and let's see if others want to buy it from you.

Neekanee (http://www.neekanee.com) - it's a job search engine that scrapes jobs directly from company websites. Everything is written in Python/Django. Right now it scrapes jobs from around 1100 different companies and has features I had always wished were available in other job search engines: ability to filter by company size, type of company (.org, .gov, ...), vacation time, etc.

Very cool. Any chance you have an API? I just started a site to show Django jobs in NC [http://djangonc.com/] and am looking for places to get data.

I don't have an API, but since you're not the first person to ask about this perhaps I'll look into adding one.

I'm impressed. I have been thinking about doing the same thing, mainly just for myself to search job..lol

How long did it take you do build this?

Very cool, but it's not obvious how to submit a site for crawling.

You're right - I should make it clearer for companies that wish to be included in the listings. I saw your company listed in your profile - I'll work on adding it. Thanks for the feedback!

Filmpage (https://www.filmpage.com). Inspired by Louis CKs digital distribution, I built Filmpage to enable other artists to create a similar page to publish and sell their film with a simple website builder. Was accepted in to a top incubator to go at it full-time, had to turn it because of a prior engagement. Email in my profile.

How much?


Generates around $8k per year in Adsense and slowly rising. Plenty of potential to actually do something with it.

I wouldn't even think of selling it for less than $60k as it's an asset returning 13% on that amount.

People will say, "Yeah, but that's a ridiculous amount to ask." I agree, but where am I going to invest the proceeds that will return me that amount. This is a site that's consistently increased revenue for the past 7 years with close to zero hours of work.

If you offered me $40k tomorrow I'd say no. Because I'll make that in four years, and still have more to go.

That's close to a 90x monthly revenue multiple. You're assuming that you will keep making that amount every month but how are you getting your traffic? If it's from search engines, a Panda update or competitors showing up could reverse that very quickly especially if you put in "zero" hours of work.

Is Yelp not in those countries yet?

You don't have to justify why the project is worth more to you than people want to pay for it.

However, keep in mind that for $60k, a person can get a site doing $30k-$60k per year with as much work. That should be encouraging to you because it means there is an equivalent place to invest the proceeds of the sale of your site even though it also means you won't get $60k for an $8k per year website.

What's it written in? Pretty fast!

Also browsing through it I don't even see your ads?

It's PHP on Yii Framework, with quite a bit of page caching. I do love Rails, but I miss the kickarse performance of PHP. Ads are there, are you sure you don't have adblock on?

Oh stupid me...just installed AdBlock this morning.

http://isitnormal.com - Active community. > 1M visitors a month. A bit of recurring revenue from premium subscriptions and from ads. Lots of untapped potential here. I just don't have the time to give it the attention it deserves anymore. Custom python/django code, running very efficiently on AWS. Email me if you're interested in buying. Thanks.

I'm very interested in your site. Please contact me at stmetivier at gmail.

http://nsfw.in/ - good intention but I think I'm not the right person to own it.

http://onebucketlist.com/ - born out of a Startup Weekend India version - In50Hrs.

Great job with http://nsfw.in . I was just thinking about service like that yesterday! Nice execution too.

How is http://nsfw.in different from any other URL shortener?

I'm guessing when you see a nsfw.in URL, you'll know it's not safe for work (unlike bitly or alternatives).

It warns you before sending you off to the destination URL.

Thanks for posting this and letting me go through my various projects. Email me at dangoldin gmail with any questions.

Twirl (http://www.twirlapp.com/) - It's a bookmarklet that gives you a recommended list of your contacts that may be interested in seeing the page you're currently on. I'm in the midst of improving the recommendation piece but I've been using it to share links with my friends. Django/Bootstrap/jQuery/MySQL

Gems of Craigslist (http://gemsofcl.com/) - The goal here is to scrape the Craigslist furniture listings and create a "Hot or Not" to find the best stuff. The scraper is out of date but should be pretty easy to update and also get other cities/categories. Django/Bootstrap/jQuery/MySQL

Wordsio (http://www.wordsio.com/ and http://words.io) - Just a way to play various word games to improve vocabulary. I've been meaning to do something else with this but just don't have that much time. The domain names might be more valuable than the site itself. Django/Bootstrap/jQuery/MySQL

Yet Another HN Reader (http://yahnr.com/) - This scrapes HN every 15 minutes and shows the top stories by points from the past 24 hours. The motivation was to be able to catch up on stories I may have missed and it's a simple Python script that writes to a static site on S3.

I wrote a document management software for students, DocMan (https://docman.me). The software's ready and awesome, unfortunately I'm not a business guy so I never tried to make money out of it. I'm nearly graduated, and after that I guess I will just have it running for the bunch of users signed up for free. Let me know if you're interested.

(Consists out of web app, iOS- and Android app.)

Looks really good. Why don't you offer a 30 day free trial and then charge a monthly or yearly fee. If you don't try to make money out of it, you won't make money out of it.

Because it's not that easy: Who do I charge? The one person who signs up is able to create accounts in a private environment, e.g. for his fellow students, so this one is most likely the one to charge. This person would most likely be the class representative student. But I don't think this one is willing to pay money for all his fellow students using DocMan in his private environment, so.. that's the circle. The software was initially build for being used by a whole university, but as those in Germany are mostly broke or not willing to pay money for anything or both, I also cannot charge these. You see?

I have individual teachers paying $100 a year for software I have created. You should definitely charge for that main account, or limit the functionality of the main account (ie, they can only create five private accounts) unless they upgrade. You have put a huge amount of effort into your software - and it looks really professional. You've got to charge. Or at least give people the option of being charged.

Instead of charging students, you want to be charging the schools for licenses that cover all of their students.

Or, better yet, charge lawyers, REO brokers, etc where there is a large pool of customers that will not be phased to pay you a reasonable amount monthly and give it away to schools for free.

What's your email?

Feel free to message me at tj@docman.me

I created a skill-gaming-for-cash site called Cash Champs (http://www.cashchamps.com). Site is offline since we have no marketing, but 3 games and the site are done, and we have a very rare PayPal account that is authorized by PayPal to process skill-gaming transactions. The PayPal thing alone took nearly $20K in legal fees. If anyone is interested, let me know.

Do standard merchant accounts not let you do that sort of thing?

No. You can try to start doing it without their approval, but if they find out about it they will close it. Also, the ability to pay out instantly is quite desirable in this business, so PayPal is an integral part of that.

http://www.rankique.com/ is a price-tracking site for Amazon. It would probably need a renaming and some SEO-love, as it's currently generating about 5$/month (with zero time spent on it). Was once supposed to evolve into a better product search engine, but I've lost interest a while ago (except for personal use, it really can save a lot of money).

I really like this idea and signed up for an account. There's something wrong with your confirmation email message. The link I am pointed to clicking is "/confirm/longstringofcharacters", which is neither a link or functioning path when appended to rankique.com.

Definitely come up with a better name. I'm not sure how it's supposed to be pronounced, which makes memorization and spelling even more difficult. Good Luck!

Thanks for the bug, I'll look into that. And yes, I still don't know what I was thinking when choosing the name...

I'm interested in this, but I don't see your email on your profile (I don't see any emails, actually). Is HN actually publishing the emails? I have vague recollections of that being turned off at some point.

I'm not sure about the hn-profile :/ just send me a mail to me@nikolasgoebel.com :)

This looks useful and has a nice clean interface - how does it make money? via Amazon's affiliate program?

Thank you :) Jep, Amazon Affiliates.

Just wondering: How much did you think you would earn when you started it? It's nicely built.

Thank you :) This was my first real web-project, so I had no idea what to expect. I wanted to get 1000 uniques / month and hoped they would generate around $100+ / month. I'm currently at a tenth of that, so the general ratio was achieved :)

I was thinking about something like this a couple of days ago for Kindle books.

That is an interesting idea, although, IIRC, there was something about Kindle content with the affiliate program...

Disappointing, either way it would be useful ...

http://www.skinnyo.com - great site, community, profitable, lots of room for expansion but I'm busy elsewhere and no longer have the interest in weightloss I once did.

What's the cost?

What is the valuation for a non-subscription, one-time fee, web application (like Bingo Card Creator) as a multiple of monthly revenue?

Rob Walling writes about this in Start Small, Stay Small ( http://www.startupbook.net/ ), and I think he mentions a range of 5x - 36x monthly revenue. It's dependent a lot on how automated and easy to maintain the site is, and how high the quality of traffic and revenue is.

I've researched this as well, and followed a fair number of auctions on Flippa, and although as Rob says, the range is very broad, multiples follow a bell curve, with most in the 12x-18x monthly net revenue range.

I closed down http://wonderthemes.com last year. It was a failed WordPress theme marketplace with a focus on higher-rates for designers/developers.

You can read about the project in an interview I did here:


I've been taking offers since the site was closed down. Nothing has been serious. A lot want me to partner with them and re-boot the site, but I'm not interested in that. A few are affiliate marketeers that want to split revenue etc... I'd rather just pass on the project to someone else now.

I guess what you'd be buying would be the brand, the domain name and all of the design assets. There is no real 'tech' to sell because the system was a one-off bootstapped bespoke build that would need a major re-factor but all the source code is there sitting on the server for anyone to acquire.

God, I hope "Sell HN" sticks...

I own a profitable (monthly recurring) and 5-stars chrome extension with proprietary backend support for bypassing the governmental filters/blocks. It is good enough that I spend close to 0 time managing it (the only management == replying emails), and it is growing and profitable on its own. And it is only 3 months old. Everything is automated.

Right now it is configured to work only with the local government, and nothing more. There can be more done, for example, extending it to __other__ countries with a governmental firewall, but I have no time for it (since I'm running my own startup), etc. Send me an email if you are interested to know more. Email is in my profile.

http://PlayByLyrics.com - Searches and finds music by entering some songtext, possibly combined with the artist, album or song name.

I'm also thinking of selling this to companies like Grooveshark, Spotify, or a lyrics website. I really like the website myself and use it a lot, but it doesn't get a lot of traffic. It has some potential though, I'm quite sure of that, and if I ever continue serious development there'll also be an app. And yes, I know the design isn't very great, but it works for me for now.

If you have any interest, contact methods are on the website (see the "about" link at the bottom).

One thing I noticed is you should try to check the length of the target video - I got a 1-hour-long mashup of songs.

I'm wondering what the algorithm for this is - "Reddit" got me a rickroll, "4chan" got me a Pokemon/Belair mashup, "Hacker News" got me Lil Wayne.

...actually, you gave me an idea.

Thanks for the notice, I wrote it down to implement in future versions :)

I never tested it with things like reddit, 4chan or HN. It's meant for lyrics, and I'm kind of like "random things are to be expected when you enter random things". It'll always have to be looked up on Youtube though, so it's not like you'll never see extreme things.

http://www.oneqstn.com is a simple, accountless survey web app.

Lots of room for growth and expansion but I don't have the time to put into it. A few hundred questions have been asked over the last year and it's had a couple of traffic spikes but nothing serious.

If not interested in purchasing then I am looking for someone to work with me on the marketing/traffic building side of things and would happily offer a 50:50 split on ad revenues (or some other monetization strategy). I don't have any idea how to generate traffic for it so would be happy to work with someone.

Reply below if interested in either option.

What's the tech stack ?

I think this would be useful information for all the sellers to include, as many people reading here will be programmers.

Good point, thanks.

PHP: Codeigniter MYSQL Javascript: jQuery

Hey Simon,

I'm very interested in oneqstn.com - I'm in a position to dedicate effort to boost traffic/marketing. I have some experience in the survey/questionnaire field which would help and I have a suggestion for monetization that could improve upon ads. Let me know if interested, my email is in my profile.

I'd entertain offers for http://rss.io (including all the stuff with it like code and the Twitter account @rss). I have a full Google Reader-esque reader built and basically ready to deploy (billing code etc. included), but I likely don't really have time to maintain it/get it properly setup anytime soon. :(

E-mail me if you're interested, but keep in mind I've invested a good bit of time and capital in this thing. Offering me $100 isn't going to cut it.

Getting "Error 503 Service Unavailable from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" when I try to visit the website.

how did you get such a good twitter account, but without any tweets on it except for a month or two ago?

Guessing but he probably bought it

In 2007 I built http://sudokugarden.de/ (German and English site about sudoku, with online playing, highscores, and a loyal user base, about 30k visitors/months).

In good times I made ~2.5k EUR/year with ads (mostly text links to boost other site's pagerank), but I lack the time and motivation to market it right now. It's zero maintenance.

I have CrosswordPuzzleMaker.org. It was an attempt to copy Bingo Card Creator for crossword puzzles. I have about 300 trial accounts (with email addresses), but no paid accounts.

I'm on the second page when you Google Crossword Puzzle Maker, but that only brings in about 10 visitors/day. Getting to the first page could bring some decent traffic.

The site works, but its features right now are pretty minimal.

1-855-ZEN-MAIL: http://1855zenmail.com

1-855-SEO-LAND: http://1855seoland.com

With both businesses, the business name is the phone number and is also the website URL.

1-855-ZEN-MAIL currently has subscribers and a prospecting/lead gen strategy. They both come with pre-written sales scripts.


Roughly 30k active users, about 1 qps of live stream foursquare data. Not sure what to do with it, I'm not currently storing any of it.


I spent quite a bit of time on AppLens, an icon matching app for iOS (take a photo of an icon --> download the app).

The backend (in C) is pretty fast and stable (current uptime 384 days) and it can be used for other types of images (i.e. not icons but photos, covers, etc.).

App Store link: http://bit.ly/Szmy7X

A 4 hour work week style muse business that I created 5 yrs ago and has been automated ever since: http://www.HowToDJFast.com. The site sells DJ Training Videos and other training. The site has killer rankings, gets roughly 75 optins a day, has an email auto-responder sequence that sells a lot of product & affiliate offers. I spend an hour or two a month on it (if that). The site currently pulls in a little under $4k/month and there is very little overhead (high margins). Due to a lack of interest in the subject (DJing) I have put zero effort into increasing revs. With a little TLC this baby could be doing tripple what it is now as other sites in the space are doing. Reach out and make me an offer. Its awesome passive income: sean{ at* }envirodonate<dot>com

Ohhhhh give me a set of decks and my bag of records and I'll keep myself happy for hours and hours and hours :)

Did you ever have an interest in djing?

Unfortunately my addiction to vinyl rules me out of what would likely be an expensive purchase. Best of kick with your sale.

I've used theGlutenless.com, a gluten-free business directory, as a testing ground for new technologies for the past few years. I built a custom bot for discovering gluten free businesses so it basically auto-populates. At the moment, I don't really have the time or motivation to do anything with it...

I know a guy who might be interested in this. email me.

http://hotelsnearest.co.uk, we built but havn't put any effort into it http://saturdaylotteryresults.co.uk, good rankings but again needs someone who cares about it.

I own the domain http://hive.co . I always intended to build an app around it but never got around to it. I'd be willing to sell the domain. Not necessarily a side project, more a potential side project =) Contact info in the whois.

I've been writing a Web-based, multi-player text adventure which is sort of a cross between Firefly and Mad Max, spanning all star systems in a 20 light-year radius around the remains of Sol. I have a lot of the core work done, with a Perl/Postgres/Catalyst/PSGI stack, but then my daughter was born and my wife and I are starting our own company. If you've ever heard of http://www.torn.com/, you have a rough idea about game play. The main difference is, aside from the background, this one is heavily story-based.

My intent was to make it free to play, but given significant advantages to those willing to make a minimal $5 donation per month.

I've always wanted to finish it, but I never found enough volunteers to help.

Search Circle(SC) URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2-Dk435vj8

SC solves 2 problems:

1- Saving time: When you search on Google/Yahoo, it gives lots of link. You gotta click one by one or pick one based on your intuition. It takes lots of time. Now Imagine you get same search result page but this time you get a hint by your friend to read it or NOT to read it. So if a search page has 10 unknown results, it makes you to spend time on 1/10 duration.

2- Trusted result: You are already getting quality links based on recommendation of friends/professional colleagues you trust hence increase chance of viewing something that pertain more to you.

A tool that helps non-profits get exposure and raise funds. Think Rally.org but for green projects (there is no crowdfunding platform for green projects). Site is complete and ready for launch: http://www.MakeTree.org. Integrated with Paypal so that it takes "pledges" from donors (ie: it only charges donors when a project reaches 100% funding). Built in Ruby On Rails. Another project of mine took off and haven't been able to find the time to get projects on board. The name, URL, messaging & branding is all placeholder. Interested in selling & partnering. Sean{ at }envirodonate<dot>com

Getting an error when trying to sign in through Facebook: "Invalid redirect_uri: Given URL is not allowed by the Application configuration."

I own a http://yh.to domain. Would sell it or give comission to a person who could connect me with Yahoo. Their URL shortener service is y.ahoo.it - not the shortest or easiest to remember.

I have made an Evernote alternative with some added value. It is working, but I cannot find money for popularization. Unfinished items - mobile applications. http://favtool.com


Fun/silly website for Valentine's Day. Tells you who you love on Twitter. Gets about 500k pageviews/mth 100k visits/mth and spikes on Valentine's Day with coverage from the likes of Huffington Post and TNW.

50-70% of traffic is from Saudi Arabia, which is interesting.

Gets a tonne of tweets a day if you search for #twitamore https://twitter.com/search/realtime?q=%23twitamore&src=t...

I figure it would make a good marketing campaign for a company on Valentine's Day 2014 if they wanted to theme it.

I created Devoired (http://devoired.com), an academic-assistance freelance contracting site targeted toward college and high-school students. Backend is written in Django, front-end is a clean, slightly modified version of Bootstrap 2. Features include a user account system, fully editable subject tree, private messaging with support for attachments, and a PayPal-integrated chained payment system with configurable commission percentage and refund support.

Devoired currently has very little activity due to lack of marketing. Let me know if you're interested!

Is this something that a novice nube like me can manipulate into a different subject contracting site? Also could it easy be copied into dozens of other websites with little technical savvy?

Yes, what sorts of different subjects did you have in mind?

I dunno, maybe collectibles or lawn-mowing.

And by academic assistance you of course mean academic dishonesty/plagiarism/contract cheating.

Who would go near this as a business? Certainly unethical, possibly illegal?

In the United States, such sites, are actually in a great legal position. Google 'essay mills' if you want more information, or just search for essay help sites if you want proof that there's no shortage of such sites.

The differentiating factor here is that we do not limit ourselves to just essays, and we crowdsource help rather than doing the work ourselves. There is also a fairly specific Terms of Service in place that puts the burden on the user.


It's a tech blog that was well maintained up until a year back but then I got focused on other projects and didn't get much time and energy to maintain it well.

It has good potential with a decent community vibe (one post itself has got more than 600 comments) if someone can keep it up with some good content. It generates a few thousand dollars a year in ads even though (a lot) more can be done to amp up that revenue in multitudes.

If someone is willing to take on a couple years old site with nice page ranks and keep up with it I'm open to sell it.

http://HowToWriteABusinessPlan.com - Over the past year we have interviewed more than 130 graduates from startup accelerator programs from around the world about their experiences. We also feature a ton of startup resources. HTWABP is an exact match domain name for a term that's searched for over 30,000 times per month. Most social shares on a post 270. We are moving in a new direction so thinking about selling the domain and it's content - let me know if you are intersted twitter @luke_deering

http://railyo.com - I wanted to create an elance/odesk especially for Rails developers/freelancers! (you may know it from https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5083426)

The developer base is growing, ~200 awesome rails developers have registered. Few companies have posted job offers, so it's also generating some revenue, but I'm loosing interest due to the less no of job offers - so basically I'm failing at marketing it to companies/startups.

It's a good site and with the popularity of Ruby/Rails, I think it could be very popular.

The biggest problem right now is that there's little incentive to actually pay you, so it's essentially a directory. You're already telling me these developers are pre-approved, so I can assume they're pretty good. As they have personal websites and Github profiles links on most users, what's to prevent me from just going through and finding some I like, then reaching out to them to discuss?

If you want to make money, you may need to change the method a bit. Charge of access or make it hard to contact users on your own or have an explicit policy against this like Elance. $100 isn't much to people looking for Rails devs but there has to be at least $100 of perceived value in your service.

Thanks for the suggestion :)

The only things I'd be willing to part with (cheap) are: http://courtdatereminder.com

Then a couple domains: RubyToolBox.com NoSqlToolBox.com LoveNear.Me


Create android native mobile apps from your web browser instantly. (No HTML apps 100% native).

From prototyping (drag n drop) to a 100% working app

It's up for sale :)

What is a ballpark on something like this? Do I need tens of thousands or millions?

The project is not maintained any more. Moved to www.pollfish.com . That said we are expecting a sale at tens of thousands and not millions. The technology we developed is still globally unique but we want to move forward.

Fun idea - unfortunately, at least in Chrome, the experience is broken. Buttons aren't linked up, only a few templates exist, etc.

The online designer is at beta stage. You drag and drop elements and see the experience live in android device. The value is on the Sdk and apps that get generated from this. You create your app distribute it and then change it online. Everybody will see the new version of the app (native) without updating. The templates are just for convenience. With drag and drop you can do anything.

Potatoss.com all of the games, you can find them in the AppStore. I made it with a friend a couple of months ago, it did like 250k downloads but anyway we couldn't fight against huge companies like disney or rovio, there is too many bad things happening under the hood of the AppStore. Specially what some companies call a burst... did you know that some Chinese companies who will download your games millions of time for money? The apps were made with cocos2d and Chipmunk for the physics engine.

Sorry, this is a pet peeve of mine. While I do think many game developers on the App Store resort to shady tactics, I think it's a poor excuse to not succeed.

Looking at your game on iTunes, it strikes me that you have a lot of bad reviews, so perhaps there are things to work on in your gameplay, before you start worrying if your competitors are cheating.

Also, looks to me like your game was downloaded by a lot of South Americans. Maybe if your game was more fun, or marketed better, in Europe and the US, there would have been more in-app-purchases. 250K downloads is worth different amounts in different places.

Not to say making an indie game isn't a hard journey, but to say you failed because everyone else cheats is self-defeating. You probably fail because you perceive no way to succeed.

I never say we fail...it's been an awesome journey. For a couple of guys in Costa Rica, this are things that nobody else had ever done. Building that game was the best thing I did, period. http://www.dreamitventures.com/portfolio_companies/sabor-stu... http://techcrunch.com/2011/11/08/pota-toss/ http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/293831888/pota-toss-amaz... https://www.parse.com/customers/case_study/potatoss http://thenextweb.com/la/2012/08/22/pota-toss-launches-beta-...

It seems like a great accomplishment, and I respect that. But if your takeaway was that it's too hard to compete with the cheaters, I'm not sure that was the right lesson to learn. Maybe I just don't understand that dark depths of the game market.

Considering selling this project: https://artistsnclients.com

Presentation deck about it, with most important info: https://speakerdeck.com/gargron/artists-and-clients-deck-may...

It's a marketplace for custom artwork. It has a lot of potential that I feel I don't have the time and business skills to realize.

Contact me at eugen@zeonfederated.com if you're interested.

Edit: Added direct link and e-mail.

I got another one: http://prtflio.eu, 1-click developer portfolio website with deep GitHub integration. Mail me: tj@mkswap.net

I've written a HTTP Proxy for Mac. nothing special so far, but it's intented to be used for debugging &&/|| development. It features a quite flexibel filter/modifier architecture, a working gui and a non-existant memory footprint. Since I just didn't have the dedication to finish the project but still think there's a market for that, I'd gladly sell it for a fair price. If anyone is interested in just seeing the app (which is unstable), just let me know.

Do you know about http://www.charlesproxy.com/ and if so, have you done anything particularly differently?

Yes. Charles is a perfectly valid go-to solution for all problems solved by proxy, too. But Proxy aims to be more user friendly – Charles GUI is a bit messy and outdated.

The core of Proxy are it's filters and modifiers. Filters give you the ability to select specific requests/response pairs from the list of all of them, and modifiers make it possible to change the behavior and data a request/response pair carries. Modifiers are implemented in only a few lines and the idea was that they could be done in almost any language (read: ruby and other lightweight stuff), so the low-memory footprint along with simple, extensible filters would make a powerful developer tool – or the most configurable ad blocker that there is.

I'm interested. What is the best way to get in touch?

@derwildemomo (twitter) or mo (at) superflomo dot cooooom.

Missed Connections http://www.missedconnections.com - site with traffic

Umbrella.co.uk - domain

Wallet.co.uk - domain

Towel.co.uk - domain

If you're interested in any of these email me via my contact details at jetbootlabs.com and please demonstrate in your email that you're a serious buyer to get a reply.

Time has shown the majority of enquiries are domainer lowballers so I'm inclined to ignore most interested parties unless I'm convinced early on you're serious.

I'm a random developer/sysadmin so when I see something that is interesting I offer as much as seems reasonable to me.

Then I receive responses saying, "Sorry I was looking for £10,000".

It really does help if people give an idea of the figure they're searching, even if just a lower-bound.

http://www.plardo.com An easy to use and powerful website builder, check out the full futures on the homepage.

http://gofree.ru/ – travel metasearch / planner for Russian speaking. Traction included.

nodejs / backbone and lots of goodness

How much and why are you selling it?

I have a mashup web app http://tripoptimizer.heroku.com for looking up points of interests (Tourist attractions, Restaurants, hotels, etc) and their ratings and reviews. The technology stack is RoR, jquery, jquery-mobile and PostgreSQL. It uses Yahoo Local Search APIs and Google search APIs.

I also own www.tripoptimizer.com domain.

Let me know if interested.

I've developed http://whos.it. The source code has a really nice architecture - it supports more TLDs than other services like it - it supports web scraping for TLDs that don't have a standard whois server - parsing data is also implemented. I wanted to convert it into a API to sell subscriptions, but I already busy with other projects.

Your service tells me that my website is available for registration. that's not correct.

What is your website?

We are looking to partner / entertain offers to take http://chefmixer.com to the next level. It's the usual story of not having enough time to market and sell due to day jobs.

Chefmixer is an online marketplace to find cooking classes, chefs, events and venues. We monetize by processing payments for event and class tickets.

Drop us a line if you have interest.

NXTPass (http://nxtpass.com) - a Two-Factor Authentication site. Built for developers who don't want to spend the time building their own 2-Factor infrastructure, this lets you add a few lines of code and have the whole thing working quickly.

Like most of my side projects, I didn't have the time or the marketing skill to make it work.

E-mail is in my profile.

I built http://remindeat.com a couple of months ago as an experiment with my girlfriend and seems like people really liked it. I might still build a mobile app for it. I also recently built http://feedleap.com which really launched off by itself with Kippt's popularity.

I had built FocusTi.me, an alternative interface for JIRA which allows for easy, to-the-minute time tracking. It was only an MVP, but there's a ton of market potential there. Would love to see it succeed, in a partnership or with someone else at the helm.

Technically it's a Ruby app I had deployed on Heroku; still own the domain and SSL certs for a year.

A Wordpress plugin for Car Dealerships. It's currently at version 0.8 but needs adjustments for the US market. Check it out at http://wpDealership.com. There's around 140 people who've got access to the beta and 145 more who want access but I haven't had the time to give it to them.

can u pls send me your contact details : av001 at boog.me

I created a complete chatroom infrastructure in java, complete with website for registration. Features include, personal profiles, ban/reporting system, user hierarchy and a lot of other cool stuff. Could easily be adapted into an corporate chat network, that's what I planned to do with it. Let me know if you're interested!

A few months ago I created an anonymous confessions site called Confidere - http://www.confide.re. It's quite functional and has a moderation system but at the moment it's just sitting gathering dust. If anyone wants to take it off my hands I would be most obliged.


Wacom Helper (menubar application for osx to manage Wacom device mapping)

More info here: http://www.reddit.com/r/vfx/comments/1de6ri/would_any_of_you...

Screenshot's here: http://d.pr/i/53NF

Price: $6K

I have ltdex.com, a designer t-shirt site with inventory (100 or so blank american apparel) 50-75 printed. We had a fab sale last summer, and I make 100 or so in revenue per month (4 shirt sales). I don't have time to do any marketing, but someone who posts a lot to tumblr etc, could do really well with it.


If you're still in school, like to teach CS concepts and have some time on your hand, you'll be able to grow the site and complement it with more modules while leveraging the already existent user base. Plus an opportunity to make some ad $ on the side.

What's the tech stack?

http://fileslap.com is a file sharing site with built in file preview that's built on django. Files are stored at S3 and billing is handled by cheddargetter. Eager to sell due to me losing interest about a year ago. Email me at mikecrittenden@gmail.com

That's pretty nice. What powers the file preview? Edit: Ah, it's the Google Docs viewer. That's a handy part of the Google Docs service that a lot of site owners are not aware of.

Thanks! It depends in the file type. Most doc (pdf, doc, xls) are powered by Google doc viewer if that's what you mean.

http://custardapp.com/ Simple, real time design feedback.

Uses websockets for real time design review collaboration. I've spent the past 6 months working on it and got it in a very releasable state, unfortunately I don't have the time/expertise to get it out there.

Contact via email.

Nice! What's your tech stack?

It's got a NodeJS (Coffescript) backend and uses socket.io for real time communication with a Coffeescript frontend. Projects/Users are stored in MongoDB. I'd happily go into more detail if anyone is interested

I made http://imdo.in about 4 months ago - It lets you easily import everything from all your social profiles and have them displayed on one page. I would consider offers for either just the domain or both the domain and code. (anything around $50 works)

I'm seeing now that profile emails may be turned off. sean(at)fourmojo.com if you're interested in selling.

Did someone purchase it already?

I like this - email in profile.

What's the tech stack?

php, mysql and js for loading the social network data

http://rrrewind.com a time back machine for popular content.

http://www.nimblenot.es/ - Markdown notes organization. Ruby on Rails. I just don't have the time to market it and get it to users at this point, but, I definitely think it has lots of potential as a way to organize Markdown documents.


A platform for web shops build with Java and MongoDB. The frontend is Spanish but the backend is easily translatable (German already done) and multi-currency. I would sell the site or pair with somebody who knows how to market it.

I have this app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.funcall.co... ..feature complete and had a few hundred users, but is just not getting my attention last few months.

I started my second project http://unboard.de/en/ some years ago but does not haven time to push it or update. It's Django-based platform to install Simple Machines Forums (PHP). Currently, it's localized in 3 languages.

http://www.codecloud.io - I created this 18 months ago, but it's not really in my field so haven't touched it since. I'd be willing to bring it up to the latest NodeJS and support another database back-end if desired.

http://pcod.es - share, track and promote iOS promo codes (could easily be expanded to share promo codes for anything in a controlled way). Ruby on Rails.

Domain only: pushp.in - I have an offer for this so you'd need to be quick.

Place to find recommendations from friends - www.stuffrage.com

Recently finished, wasn't built to make money (affiliates seem like a good fit to monetize it). Am now moving on to other things.

Seeing as tho it doesn't make any money I'm willing to entertain all offers.

Email is in profile.

The awesomeness is in your video...explains your idea so beautifully. Did you do entire the video yourself, or outsourced a part of it?

The video (and the rest of the site) was done by a designer friend. The guy does amazing work

InstaBAM - iPhone app, 130,000 downloads, it's a location based Instagram client


http://www.coinhandle.com - a personalized handle for your Bitcoin address.

Think Bit.ly for bitcoin - although you can administer your Coinhandle address if your Bitcoin address ever changes.

http://aherk.com - A "goal-oriented self-blackmailing service" that got a lot of press, including mentions on Lifehacker, The Next Web, Forbes, Washington Post, NY Daily News, etc.

Limeade (http://limeade.co) aggregates music videos from a curated list of music blogs. I work on this from time to time, mostly just adding a new blogs to the list of sources.

http://upperlane.com/ I stopped working on it about 6 months ago. There's still an opportunity there, however, it wasn't going to provide me with a visa.

http://dropandload.com Site for sending files to other people. Server just streams files through from the uploader to the downloader. Build with node.

I've released my staff management app Team Sheet under the GPL.

Any and all contributions welcome http://hey-jimmy.github.io/TeamSheet/

I own two domains which I had planned to use for a project, but after settling on another name, became moot. I'm hanging on to them, since they're decent, but I'd sell them to the right person/idea.



http://multiversi.es/ No users (needs marketing), but solid code base (Node.js, Socket.io). It comes with a half finished iOS app.

I have acouple sideprojects that would put up for sale.

Both self-sustained, profitable. One is: Studygig, http://studygig.com

If you are interested, contact me.

How do I contact you?

http://bit.ly/11rxC84 Zocdoc clone written in Python/Django, angular.js, moment.js.

I created http://www.fabfabbers.com/ Intersting bits - GitHub syncing of 3D models, OpenSCAD in the browser

Yeah, http://thank.st

It works like a charm but I don't have time to work on it.

BTW, I'm sure Marco Arment will have projects to sell if you ask him :P

Allthefavicons.com - generate favicons and retina icons for a website from a single image. Its not complicated and still gets a little traffic. Email on profile.

http://tunejet.net - A HTML5 music streaming service that works on mobile devices. A nice alternative to iTunes.

Sneaky. You made yourself a list of free ideas right here.

Yay! "Free ideas" that ... didn't work out, have no market and are now eagerly flipped for peanuts. Sneaky indeed ;)

If you look at why they aren't working, 80% is because they don't have money to advertise them or time to carry on, not that they are not necessarily good

Open for the wider Hacker News community to see as well though?

http://hackermagazine.com - includes the Twitter handle too.

@bearwithclaws might be interested -- though a grand for a domain and vanity handle is a bit "rich"... ;)

We've created a SEOCrawler - http://seocrawler.co - take a look.

WhaleEye SEO Spider - http://www.whalei.com

I created the same thing a year ago. I underestimated the CPU load and number of pages on many sites (especially e-commerce sites). It doesn't take many crawls to quickly fill a db.

i liked it and wondering whether it gives more data/info than other seo apps ... can u contact me : av001 at boog.me

sent you an email. cheers

what is it built it?

.net on azure

Torrent client for mobile safari http://itorrent.ermak.us

http://inspection2.com expense tracking for car enthusiasts

Email me... Interested but not for even 40k. Check out Flippa and you'll see what sites are going for.

Selling canileave.com entirely. Cheap price.

Get in touch c.rafael.s.albuquerque@gmail.com

watchyoutubemovies dot tk (sorry for the fishy url, but this has no ads & no cookies)

Heard of pegleg.it? Same idea, but the content is not crowd sourced.


Using flash for some animated images when you name it "wegif". Not the best thing to do.

www.startrigger.com - jonas@startrigger.com

stiqr.com, a wysiwyg widget service

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