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I second that. The offering looks like a mish mash and I cannot even imagine how usable it is. I don't know how an alpha version qualifies as recreated MS Office in 30 days.

What they should have done was to start with a single product like you said work on the essential features, get feedback and cruft out all the additional advanced functionality that the MS Office version has so you'd have a cleaner, leaner offering.

Although sometimes, at the end of the day, the issue isn't so much the software being the perfect tool but how compatible is the tool with existing processes. We use MS Office on the business side and OpenOffice on the engineering side - so much pain when sending documents across the two divisions with documents not looking the same.

The article says that it's not ever supposed to compete with MS Office, but to be a basic solution for companies with specific needs ("such as obtaining data from a Java library").

The article does say, however, that the product is eventually meant to compete with Google Docs..

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