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This is really great CS work. Props. The fact that your numerical example is DGEMM, AND that you're comparing against ATLAS and MKL is very compelling, especially since you're only showcasing the kernel itself!

I'm taking a different albeit related approach for dynamic runtime code gen, but either way this is rock solid work, though I'm pretty terrible at deciphering the lua + macro heavy code that is your code examples.

edit: I'm doing something more akin to the Accelerate haskell EDSL approach, with some changes

It's also a very rare research paper that actually uses blas dgemm as the benchmark, that isn't a paper by someone explicitly focused on writing blas. Usually they just use dot product or a local convolution kernel (whereas in some sense matrix mult is a global convolution).

Just what they've done is a pretty solid. That said, it's not really done as part of a framework for numerics, which just means its a great validation benchmark of their code Gen.

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