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"Sell before you build"

This is what I learned from YC. It was from Paul Buchheit.

I'm the jackass who downvoted you...it was by accident, I meant to upvote. I just don't have the option to go back on it, sorry.

fixed :)

Thanks! Not sure how you fixed it (or how you know its fixed) but if you're an admin, I'd love to know why anything I submit is automatically 'dead'. Email is aashayk@umich.edu, thanks again :)

He probably 'fixed' it by up voting the comment you accidentally down voted.

Probably he fixed up just by up voting.

I'm glad you brought this up--I use it as much as any other. Our iteration time for creating a fake mock-up and trying to sell it is only days. We can get through 5 tests in the time it takes to build one of them.

This was probably the most important discovery I made in the startup process. Helps guarantee that you make something people want.

Would love to hear you elaborate on this...

I can't speak for Paul B but there's a great book called Ready Fire Aim by Michael Masterson that focuses on this technique that I'd recommend.

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