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I get bank statements and postpaid mobile bills. When I wrote a bank (Kotak, India) the executive's first reaction was - "please contact the user" - of course I had mentioned in the email that I've no idea who the intended recipient(Some one in Pune, India) is. I finally had to set a filter and take a vow that I can never be this bank's customer and I ought to quit if my firm decides to tie up with them for salary a/c.

There's Tata Docomo who sends me monthly postpaid bill. I've learened two things from their emails - that gentleman in Nagpur is very irresponsible in paying bills and that Tata Docomo's spam filters are so strong my email never made it them. They keep on sending. I guess they shall send me the calls records if I request to this email.

My fault? I've one of the most famous/common Indian/Hindi names on Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo and domain name too - both .in and .com.

> I get bank statements and postpaid mobile bills.

Most such e-mail traffic is just spam, not sent by the banks, but sent by people hoping to trick the recipitent into reading the e-mail, following the link and logging into a false web page set up to act like the bank web site.

Once they have your logon details they will go to the real bank page and transfer out your money.

The most amazing thing is that even though most of it is spam not all of it is. I get monthly emails telling me about various bills or status of from at least my internet, cell phone, and student loans. Pretty sure none have a copy of the bill and ask me to follow a link to log in.

I don't click on most email links because you never know if it's the scammer or the company.

>Most such e-mail traffic is just spam

Of course. But it's a real bank statement and it's a real mobile bill that makes its way into my inbox each month. Used to, I mean before I created a filter to delete it as soon as it arrives.

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