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The most viral/popular acronyms are easily pronounceable, I think. Acronyms like lol, rofl, afaik, imho etc. Not that you go around saying them all the time, but you can easily pronounce them in your own head so I think they tend to stick there and flow into your text easily. Maybe something along the lines of "sro" (short reply ok) would be better ...

I fail to see how "vis-ree" is any harder to pronounce thatn "roff-ull", "af-ack", or "em-ho"

You pronounce lol, rofl, afaik, imho? Talk about awkward.

how else would we say "roflcopter"?

I never say AFAIK aloud, but I do always pronounce it "a fake" in my head when typing.

Rofl I've always pronounced (on the rare occasions that I do), as rhyming approximately with 'waffle".

How do you pronounce "RSVP"?

Aresveepee, obviously. Rolls off the tongue.

Viyesaro? I'm tempted to put an accent on the last "o"...

Edit: um, viyesaree. Someone suggested VSRO elsewhere, for "very short reply OK" and I liked that a lot better, apparently.

"rizvup" according to a Charlie Brown cartoon -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRLhfL1UZoM#t=432s

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