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Share live code snippets in your browser (codeshare.io)
49 points by phawk on April 17, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 25 comments

The editor on that page doesn't know that selecting something (like the loooong help text that's there from the start) and hitting the DELETE key on my keyboard should delete the selection. That's when I hit my back button.

Aargh, all these re-implemented text editors on the web. :/

Looks like a bug on first select. Should be easy fix.

Should work better now

It seemed to work for me on Windows Chrome 26

Almost perfect! The only thing missing (for me) is the ability to edit in one part of the document at the same time as someone else edits a different part of the document, (similar to how firepad.io works). With that addition it would be just wonderful!

Any chance you'll be adding this source code to GitHub?

I will definitely. Needs some clean up first.

Another addition that would be nice to have and informative: a small badge or counter with the number of people currently editing the document? Not sure if that's easily done or more trouble than it's worth!

I like it, good thinking

Cheers, looking forward to it. Stellar job so far, simple but polished.

I think this is more of a firebase demo than a useful tool. That said, if JSFiddle had real-time support then that could be very cool.

you can set an arbitrary url like codeshare.io/hackernews instead of the auto-generated value. its like etherpad + socket.im. nice.

Interesting. We're finally back to the 1990's BBS days, with real-time sysop chat. I never understood why AIM and other chat messengers removed real-time typing when we always had that with the BBSes. I suppose it was due to latency or flow (you type a sentence hit enter, I type a sentence hit enter), but in 2013, you would think most chat systems would allow character by character typing by now. You can tell a lot from a person by how they type: slow typing, frequent misspellings, interrupting the other user, etc, and can convey more information.


They removed it because people don't like it. Every chat system out there has had it at one point or another. As it turns out, people don't like their mistakes broadcast to the person they are chatting with.

Can anyone explain how this works?I opened the URL in two different browsers and it works fine but I don't see any data in Fiddler.

You should see a code editor, that looks like Sublime, that you can write or paste code into. What browser are you using?

It is working fine for me. I wanted to know how the application works. I mean there should be HTTP requests going to the server, but I don't find any. The same is the case with the other browser where I am viewing the code.

Oh I see. Firebase is the magic behind that https://www.firebase.com/

Great tool. but sadly Korean not available. when add a comment with Korean, all codes suddenly disappear. Are you have a scheme that support to unicode?

Add support for multiple cursors (like http://socrates.io), then you've really got something.

Does this shared editor have advantages over etherpad?

Hmm probably not feature wise. This was hacked together on the train. One advantage though is sharing code quickly (no download or reg) in any browser.

As a heavy etherpad user, absolutely.

Etherpad is optimized for text, while Ace (the editing widget CodeShare.io uses) is built for code. It has syntax highlighting, folding, automatic indentation, etc.

It looks like Etherpad Lite may be using Ace, but I don't immediately see a way to turn on the nice programmer-y features.

Good job! I like it, real-time code editing.

    Oops! Google Chrome could not find codeshare.io
Am I missing something?

you might be missing some DNS

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