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The Visa I was using for billing with Linode had an authorized "test charge" earlier this week, and I had the card number replaced. Now I see this, and it makes me wonder.

My Visa (that I use for Linode) was compromised this week too, someone tried to order ~$100 of stuff from Amazon but my bank rejected the charge and now I have to wait another week before I can make payments again (killed my card...). Probably a coincidence but it makes me wonder too...

Oh! This is kind of a scary coincidence. Got to go check my credit card statement.

EDIT: All is good with my account.

What?! Anyone else affected similarly?

It's probably just because they have a large number of customers, but our Linode credit card number was stolen two weeks ago.

My Linode credit card number was also stolen two weeks ago!

Was that credit card number used anywhere else? Given Linode's size, it's not surprising for a few customers to have had coincidental CC compromises recently.

Ugh. Now I am worried about my card too (current linode customer). :/

I wish my CC provider supported 'single use' or 'limit based' generated numbers. I think discover card does?

edit: something like this https://www.discover.com/credit-cards/member-benefits/securi... but for my card would be neat

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