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I agree with you that there is a level of experience required for using wine on the command-line and tuning it to work for certain games. However, the PlayOnLinux project abstracts the details of setting up wine and configuring wine for games by having a list of popular games with predefined wine configurations and an intuitive GUI for installing and running games. While there are compatibility issues and performance issues with wine that are a legitimate issue, tools like PlayOnLinux allow anyone to play wine games to the best that wine can. I've had some luck with it in the past, but I personally don't mind just using wine on the command-line (if I have to).


Cool, thanks for the info. Previously when I've seen 'just run it under wine', the hand-waving casualness of the comment didn't gel with my experience in actually using it. Having a library of canned configs is a step forward. I don't mean to disparage wine at all, just that it's not been 'general-public' ready.

I would say that you are wrong: its definitely ready for the general public, when that general public is using a modern, decent distribution, and not trying to fiddle so much. Less fiddling, more playing: thats the current state of the art with Wine.

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