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I'm not sure I understand the pricing. I get you got twice the amount of memory compared to a 1X dyno. But still the rest of the resources is the same. For instance they will share a single queue (which is the point, no problem here), so they don't have really any added complexity or new resources. But the price is doubled.

Correction- from the comments:

"2X dynos contain twice the capacity. Memory and CPU shares. It's a new option to experiment with vertical scaling: you may get better performance from one 2X dyno than two 1X's. In that case you'll get more value. As explained in the post whether or not that's the case depends on the app. If you find that scaling 1X dynos works better, you are free to keep these instead."

"2X dynos have 1024MB of RAM and double the CPU share."

I didn't see that. But in fact it is in a comment on their blog (appeared later than mine above). That being said, the answer of Adam Wiggins to the same concern as mine (again on their blog) is not being clearer as he doens't answer the claim of the same CPU share vs. twice.

How's this for clear: you get double the CPU share. Happy? :)

I don't think it will change my mood ;-) But it was an important point, thanks.

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