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Show HN: Noted, a note-taking web app inspired by Vim (noted.herokuapp.com)
19 points by avolcano on Mar 25, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

God dammit, I've been working on a similar app, also called Noted, for the past seven months. http://github.com/noted/noted

My project also includes note-taking, but specifically for research projects with additional bibliography/citation tools.

Haha, don't worry - I'm not attached to the name. Plus, your application looks far more like a full-fledged research tool than a "speedy, minimal outline" tool like my app is :)

you should add undo, u, to the app. Also, make dd work as delete instead of just d.

Here's a blog post with more information about its creation and development: http://www.thomasboyt.com/2013/03/24/announcing-noted.html

Can you say more about what frustrated you about Evernote and Notational Velocity?

Gah! I've been working on a similar project, http://www.webnoted.com

I guess the name (or portion of) is very common... I like your Dropbox integration.

Looks and works a lot like http://workflowy.com

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