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Show HN: StatusPage.io - Hosted, white label status pages (statuspage.io)
83 points by scootklein on March 19, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 24 comments

When I heard about this product, I was excited. There are 100 small things you need to have in place when you start to become a real business. I am happy as a clam when people take one of those things and will do it for us in a way that makes us not care about paying them. They help us do a better job serving our customers for a price less than an hour of an engineer's time each month. Awesome value prop.

I appreciate how you compare the value add relative to the cost of the time it would take your own engineers to do it themselves.

If it isn't strategic or core to your business, don't be afraid to consider outsourcing it.

I've been playing around with this for a little while now and it seems like a great service for the status page itch. One that we weren't scratching very well in the past.

I haven't even begun to dig into the API yet, but I've been happy with the ease of setup and how simple it is to create, update, and complete an outage or disruption report.

Thanks for the solving this problem, guys!

It would be good to mention where the service is hosted so that we can make sure that the availability profile isn't the same than our service.

Right now the meta page is hosted on Heroku so I wouldn't use if for anything that's on EC2 for example.

Question - if this is really to be the ultimate status page - a service wouldn't want to use their own DNS - correct? They'll want to use [domain].statuspage.io - right?

Perhaps. Or have multiple domains and DNS providers and point both status subdomains to statuspage. (We created status.phaxio.com and status.phaxio.co after the whole Zerigo fiasco last year. co is on zerigo, com is on Route53 )

I like that - dropping the "m" in .com would retain a sense of ownership of the url.

This is great! We (Balanced) open sourced our status page a few months ago, and received some really positive feedback from HN. How could we contribute our design as a template to statuspage.io?

https://status.balancedpayments.com/ https://github.com/balanced/status.balancedpayments.com https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4812222

We're looking to do more premium layouts and add metrics tracking in the near future. Where can I email you at to talk more about this?

founders at balancedpayments.com

Interested to know what people think about the market for something like this. While it definitely serves a purpose, is this something that is sustainable and that people will pay money for (vs building it once, and setting it up internally)?

Not being skeptical, just wondering what people think... I've had ideas similar to this, but am still trying to figure out the threshold for payment on things that companies fully need but can justify building internally.

If you don't have the resources to build and host your own status page, then you're probably too small for people to care about your status.

This couldn't be further from the truth. We have well over 10,000 active users. If our service is down, they care. However, finding time to build something this robust would take a significant amount of resources away from our product.

It's a matter of priorities. I can spend the time to build and maintain a tool like this or I could spend that time improving our service for our customers. Paying someone else to manage this for us is a complete no-brainer regardless of the size of our customer base.

I disagree, it's about core competency. I have the resources to build and host a number of things. But I pay for quite a bit of software. Things like bug tracking, ticketing, billing, etc. - all because I want to focus on what I do best and let some one else handle the details of this stuff.

This kind of comment is a gross simplification of a market, and just shows that you haven't really thought about it much at all.


But it adds operational overhead, as now you need to set up a second hosting provider, manage another environment, etc. An internally-hosted status page isn't very useful when your datacenter goes down.

This is the perfect thing to pay someone else to run for you. I'd gladly pay $50/mo for it.

Agreed. It's the perfect thing to pay someone else to run for you. Someone who's very focused on making this service great.

I found this service while doing research into launching a similar competing service. I didn't really expect it to show up on HN, though! Congrats on the launch. :)

The meta question. Does StatusPage.io use StatusPage.io...

speaking of meta: http://meta.statuspage.io/

The statuspage.io link on that meta page is broken btw - the : is missing from the url.

Edit: really like the service - considering using it for our status page

Great product that solves a little but important problem the right way and hassle-free!

Plus, I really like the Series T Financing idea (see footer link).

Very happy to see this project. Had status.io (recently sold) for the very same purpose but wasn't able to implement it. Please make it more than just a status page, make customers understand the process (both external/internal) and we'll all be much happier as users.

Good luck!

PS: are you able to survive your customers problems (if things like EC2/EBS goes down again?)

On the pricing page, those two rows where the bold is not at the beginning slightly annoys me (I like things that match and line up).

I do like how easy it is to access pricing though.

There is also something going on with the testimonials on a 1080p screen, unless it is supposed to be spaced like: [x][x] [ ][x] [x][ ] where the blank boxes are white space.

+1 for offering support at all to free users

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