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sktrdie 403 days ago | link | parent

Nice. From a technical point of view, I wonder, is this written using the same HTML/CSS/JavaScript code used in the browser, say using something like PhoneGap? Or did they they rewrite the entire app all-over again for iOS, Android and Windows Phone?

Seems like a pretty daunting task to keep their site, their iOS, their Android and their Windows Phone app all in sync with functionality and UI.

Any Trello developers care to share the secret?

hamidpalo 403 days ago | link

The iPad app is fully native, just like all our other apps. Hacking together a WebView app that is the same across platforms would have taken less effort but the end result would have been mediocre at best.

I think actually that at this point Trello has much more Obj-C, Java and C# than CoffeeScript.


kayoone 403 days ago | link

why dont you use something like Xamarin to build everything in C# ? Is it because its mostly View specific code that has to be different for every platform anyway ?


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