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It sucks that he had to live in his Jeep, but--Stanford has a lot of work-study positions reserved especially for students like him. He can earn $12-$14 an hour shelving books and spend half the time studying. He could do research in sociology and get room, board, and a little money left over during the summer when he's not getting sizable fellowships from the Haas Center. In fact, if he did research, he wouldn't have to lose any housing at all! If he's still not able to find housing for two weeks, something's wrong with his money management ability or ability to seize the plentiful opportunities Stanford gives him on top of his free tuition, room, and board.

It sucks that he feels like a fish out of water, but come on--imagine how much worse it is for an international student. I knew a kid in my freshman dorm who had never seen a pumpkin before, didn't know what the hell it was. It's equally bad for someone who was an introvert, chronically shy, dumped into a dorm full of loud parties where someone was always going to the ER every weekend because they'd drunk too much. He has it pretty good, and I believe that Stanford has done the most it can at this point.

I'm slightly shocked that he also says he's moving to a poorer part of the country to get away from all us rich kids. Nobody I've ever met at Stanford has shown any disrespect or distaste for poor students. One of the most popular staff members in my co-op's getting the whole free ride from Stanford, plus tons of work-study opportunities. It's very sad that he's leaving because of some insecurity that's only in his own head.

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