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The Heretic - An opinionated newsletter on all things startup (theheretic.me)
11 points by pmoz on Feb 26, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 9 comments

Pascal's newsletter is one of the best "blogs" on entrepreneurship and innovation out there. He's just awesome and has a ton of reflected experience and a great pool of guest posters. You'll love the format. It's concise and to the point. I also recommend going through the archive. A ton of great holistic advice in there.

If you are into startups and shaping the future subscribing will be one of the best things you did today.

Better than a blog, Pascal is offering insightful and informative information in quick reads delivered right to your inbox.

I've enjoyed every writing, and found something useful, helpful, humorous or challenging in each.

yeah this is way more fun than a blog - it's like a little inbox treat (and ass-kick) every day with nuggets of actionable wisdom. He's a great mix of benevolent advisor and drill sergeant.

Pascal's newsletters are the best! Pithy and to the point I feel inspired each time one lands in my inbox.

No Bullshit from one of the brightest and most honest minds in tech. Pascal lights a fire under my ass.

The best blog about startups and entrepreneurship on the net. And very funny to read.

Pascal is awesome. I really recommend subscribing to his Newsletter.

the heretic offers priceless advice for anyone. it's great to get insights and thoughts and they are brought to you in just the right quantities. definately my personal must-read.

Just go for it, great posts!

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