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Ask HN: Your stack of choice for web development?
11 points by glazskunrukitis 1761 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 14 comments
I would like to know what stacks are you using for web development. Things are changing fast and new technologies are emerging every other day so it's interesting to watch what comes out of it.

Node.js + NoSQL? Go? LAMP? ...

Most of the Fogbeam Labs stuff - that's web based - is built using Groovy/Grails, with PostgreSQL as the persistent store, and HTML/CSS/JS on the front-end with JQuery and Bootstrap. Lucene is heavily used for search.

Looking to the future a bit, I'm sure we'll be gradually introducing more HTML5 stuff, and might start looking at angular.js or ember.js for some of the javascript centric front-end stuff. On the backend, there will probably be some places where we introduce a graph database, perhaps Neo4J. We'll also be doing more and more with Hadoop, Mahout, OpenNLP and UIMA in the not-too-distant future.

I am both a front-end and back-end coder for a digital agency.

We have some huge clients that require legacy browser support (IE6 and above) so it's a mix of typical front-end stuff, a ton of VM's for testing and if we're working on a new build website with no history or few existing users using legacy browsers some Backbone.js, Modernizr and LESS/SCSS. Like most developers, we use a lot of jQuery and custom JS on our sites, but we also make sure our sites function correctly when JS is disabled.

The back-end stack is ASP.NET using C#. As we have a mixture of inter-agency work and our own stuff we use a bit of everything really. Sometimes we use Entity Framework, sometimes we're limited to .NET 2 and sometimes we're working on large-scale websites using Sitecore. The main CMS of choice is Umbraco, and over the past couple of years I've really started to enjoy using it. The IDE of choice is, obviously, Visual Studio 2010, and with ReSharper installed I'm yet to use anything even remotely as good.

For personal projects I tend to use Python and Django. I've toyed with writing some tools using Google App Engine as the primary store, but I usually work with PostgreSQL. Version control wise, at home I'm a Git guy, whereas at work we use Mercurial. Most of my code is written using Komodo Edit and PyCharm. I've got a few desktop projects I'm looking to start soon, and I'm hoping to either use F# or Haskell, depending on whether I can fix my Ubuntu box or whether I'm limited to my Windows 7 box.

Depends a lot on the needs of the client. Some have preferences on the development language, deployment setup, etc. I tend to mix and match the following...

Groovy/Grails, Java/Spring, Ruby/Rails, Python/Django|Tornado|Web2Py, Node.js, Meteor


MySQL|PostgreSQL|Sqlite, MongoDB

Haven't had to do anything requiring significant amounts of message passing yet, so no ZeroMQ, RabbitMQ yet.

Proudly still using lamp. I don't see the benefits of switching to something new outweighing the enormous learning curve. But lots of people who choose these new technologies are brand new to development, so they don't have a learning curve.

Also using LAMP. For small websites/campaigns I tend to use a CodeIgniter back-end with jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap front-end. For bigger things a separation into an API and a client helps to keep it clean so a Kohana RESTful back-end that communicates through JSON with a Backbone front-end.

In my current project, we are using Symfony2 ( PHP ) + MySQL, Redis, Neo4j in the backend and recently started to use Angular.js in the frontend. frondend mvc is taking a lot of our time.

HTML/CSS/JS + JQuery on the Front-end with Perl and my own custom Web package using XML files for data storage on the backend.

Startup I formerly worked for: Python/Django

Current fortune 500: Java/Dojo

Personal Project #1: Python/Django/Backbone

Personal Project #2: Node

HTML , CSS , JS -> JQuery for front-end . PHP , Phpmyadmin + PDO for backend

AngularJS + RESTler (PHP) + memSQL

RESTful backend in Sinatra+ROAR

freebsd, apache, sbcl, ucw, postgresql/cl-store, bootstrap, jquery

node + express

python + web.py

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