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I have used Julia, R, and Numpy/Python, the latter two extensively (10,000s of lines, if you count all the scratch work). What turned me off from Julia is that it encourages looping instead of vectorization; looping is both more verbose and farther away from the way a mathematician would articulate a problem. R is ... well, really really ugly in that 1970s way that makes me want to choke whenever I read SAS. Pylab etc is nice, but (1) I have come to detest syntactical indentation, (2) I hate zero indexing almost as badly, and (3) it can be a bit brittle in its type hierarchy -- and it is still more verbose (slightly).

So, I am back to Old Faithful. Really, I hate all languages, I just find Octave the least annoying in the mathematical programming space. (I used to love all languages, now I am old and bitter ;) )

Don't get me wrong -- lots of great ideas in all of the above languages. If Julia were to make vector / matrix thinking natural, I would switch.

sounds like you need Mathematica :)

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