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I agree with you ("Hey self-selecting community of lispers: Is Lisp a good language for X?" is going to get a predictable reply), but half of the original question was about learning functional programming. Separating the two halves of the question would have probably got a more useful response.

Scheme is a good language for learning functional programming. (Haskell is as well, but I would argue that several techniques the poster is likely to learn from Haskell are difficult to use in non-lazy languages, and telling them apart requires experience they probably do not possess. Also, Haskell is very poorly suited to games, and (* dodges rocks* ) seems to me like a less practical language overall .)

Also: Lua is fast (certainly fast enough for prototyping), and has a clear migration path to C / C++ for libraries and the parts of the game that need the raw speed. Something on the JVM (including Java, of course) may better suit the author, since they are probably already familiar with many of the relevant libraries, but I don't have much experience there.

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