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I hate a lot of the pressure for lax standards on data breech notifications. I do have questions about whether the pressure on privacy laws is about reasonable things (e.x. Don't be like California -- or at least don't prosecute the internet based on laws from 1971 that should have been modified 4 times over by now) or not. I personally try and create reasonable data rules based heavily on user opt-in and sensible standards that allow users to retrieve relevant information. Ideally we could get something resembling a world standard here that countries agreed to comply to as a high-bar so that companies could set-up a best practice for user data that would be usable worldwide. I think most of my problems with user privacy laws are not relating to quality of privacy but rather fragmentation across nations/regions/markets. I want a strong standard here as both a user and a creator, but I also want one that doesn't slow the spread of good technologies across the globe.

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