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Not necessarily IMO, considering it still does make sense to ask questions even "after" you've learned a language, as long as you are using a language/platform and continue to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, you are bound to have questions. Wouldn't it be boring otherwise?

Sure, but the number of questions you have in the first 3 months of the language are bound to be more than the number of questions in the second set of 3 months, and far more than after you've used the language for 3 years. Granted most of the questions you have when you're "younger" won't require you to actually ask as you can find answers, but I'd be surprised if the number of questions asked by a user is relatively constant over the first several years of having learned a language.

I tend to see SO questions as being rather simple, such as why doesn't this API work, or what's wrong with my Syntax or what does this stack trace mean.

When you are more advanced your questions become more architectural and harder to convey in text.

Perhaps that’s just me…

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