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I employed every shortcut in my keyboard-shortcut arsenal and fell short.

One good one to remember is ALT+Left Shift+NumLock

Then you can use your keypad as a mouse. / and - toggle which mouse button 5 is.

Thanks for the shortcut!

For those of you struggling to enable it under WinXP, you may need to choose "Settings" first in the popup dialog and tick (with the spacebar) "Use MouseKeys".

If you happened to have multiple keyboards installed (e.g. running English Windows + your local kbd settings), LEFT ALT + SHIFT additionally switches between kbd layouts as a bonus, so be sure to disable this shortcut in Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Languages tab > click Details > click Key Settings.

How incredibly obscure! Thanks a ton for this.

Also, pressing shift 5 times is an easy way to enable sticky keys in Windows.

I have accidentally enabled this a million times and I've no idea what it does other than messing up my keyboard.

It's an accessibility feature. If you don't have the dexterity to hold keys down yourself, you can enable sticky keys and (if I remember correctly) it will make certain keys act as toggles so you don't have to do finger-yoga to hit certain key combinations.

For anyone interested in the keyboard layout for mouse keys: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mouse_keys#Layout

many thanks

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