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Apple being Apple gets credit when they don't deserve because press want to hype everything about Apple. The side effect of that is sometimes it does get bad press when it isn't sole party at fault.

And comments like these divert the entire thread from the real serious topic.

I don't think that's true, especially in the last years. Quite the opposite. Every product launch is surrounded by a "Why this will fail" article and every single problem with a product gets magnified to extreme lengths. Apple doesn't get hype anymore or at least it doesn't get the positive hype people tend to associate with the company.

Regarding the topic. Hey, feel free to to comment what you you want about the article, thats what comments are for. This is a side topic on this case. I think it's a good observation. Of course this is not what the case is about but its a related item and therefore it seems logical to bring it up.

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