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I'll bite. What should a prosecutor do when the defendent is a suicide risk?

One of the main problems is that once the prosecutors become lenient with suicide risks then every person prosecuted says they're a suicide risk.

unfortunate for the people that really are at risk.

Treat the situation more delicately. Instead of ball-busting the shit out of him, show a little compassion. That doesn't necessarily mean dropping any charges or "going easy" on him, just showing a little compassion and attempting to make the whole ordeal less painful. Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty; there should be no punishment of any kind until after the conviction.

Well for starters... Not go out of their way to make examples out of people, especially out of people previously identified as suicide risks.

A psychiatric evaluation of whether the defendant is able to stand trial would seem to be warranted.

Also a rethink of how much punishment is warranted.

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