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While it's painful that this is happening now and not a year ago, I'm heartened that Hal is heading the internal investigation. I can't imagine anyone better.

He was a major supporter of Star Simpson when most of the MIT administration hung her out to dry. He has as good a chance as anyone at understanding Aaron's goals in liberating JSTOR's archive: he's a founding director of the FSF, Creative Commons, and Public Knowledge. He led the creation of MIT's OpenCourseWare and the class Ethics and Law on the Electronic Frontier.

He's also just a deeply good guy.


"If I have not seen as far as others, it is because giants were standing on my shoulders." -- Hal Abelson.

... coming from someone with a life long career as a teacher and thesis advisor.

I worry that he may be too friendly a pick for the job. It's easy to imagine that if Prof. Abelson's investigation identifies wrongdoing, many will discount the findings because of his presumed sympathies.

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