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Pretty awesome! I have an almost daily need for something like this when sending files to people over chat/irc.

Your link creation needs some work, however. I can't paste the link into a non-RTF box (this input box for HN, for example). You should reverse-engineer how Safari creates links when they're copied to clipboard and do the same.

For example, if you right click on any title on any website, and copy a link, you will notice that when you paste it to an RTF box, you get the same behavior as what you currently do but when you paste it into Terminal, you get the URL. When I paste Dropsend "URL" to Terminal, IRC or to Safari's address bar, I get nothing.

This is fixed in the latest version, which can be downloaded here: http://droplink.me/Droplink.zip

Thanks for the feedback, and enjoy the software!


Try again it, it should copy the full URL this time.

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