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I, for one, think that he's telling the truth. Belize is a very corrupt country and I'd take McAfee's word over theirs any day of the week.


> "Belize's corruption perceptions index is off the charts - literally!"

Same problem for last year's corruption perceptions index:


> Observers say Belize is not disclosing the necessary information for it to be ranked.

This is a huge red flag, since, as the article says, Belize would actually stand to benefit from releasing their data:

> Experts say that if Belize provides that information, it stands to benefit in various ways, by showing the rest of the world that it is serious about tackling corruption.

Belize having corruption issues doesn't mean you have to believe in <insert crazy story>. There are a lot of rich retirees in Belize that don't <insert McAfee's story>.

There being a lot of rich retirees there who don't have this problem does not indicate that McAfee is wrong either. Given the rampant corruption, perhaps they are paying their protection money while McAfee opted out.

I think it's many teenage boys fantasy to be a spy, or to run a spy ring. Many create their own secret societies, etc. Some get into computer security and hacking, and are part of real secret societies.

So you're super rich, seriously into security concepts, and bored. Probably you've met a lot of intelligence agents, and heads of intelligent agencies. Maybe you developed a bit of a fetish for spy-novels. Hell, what have you got to lose, let's set up a spy-ring! Just not in the USA... pick somewhere that's within private jet reach of the USA... Honduras, Belize, Guatemala... all interesting places!

"I think it's many teenage boys fantasy to be a spy, or to run a spy ring"

Not just!

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walter_Mitty , appropriate for the topic.

Or he's a liar who was drawn to Belize ~because~ of the opportunity such corruption provides a person of his interests.

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