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My uninformed advice for this improbable event: I think that's a good policy and you want to keep other people from knowing. Once you have a 10m+ lottery win, keep it out of the press as much as you can.

The interesting thing about the story is that no one knew that he was a millionaire before the lottery. He worked hard and didn't "look rich" so he could have a more normal life. Once he was a lottery winner, he got hit with a bunch of extortions. (Of course, he also did some stupid shit on his own accord.)

It doesn't sound like he "wasted it all" either. It sounds like he's still extremely rich, but that his life is completely fucked up.

One of the issues I think is that the appeal of Big Money to a lot of people is social status. That's what creates the temptations that lead these people to ruin. What most people don't realize is that the highest of the high in social status are torn down and eaten for sport because that's human nature.

Honestly, I can relate a lot of his rich/old fucked-up-ness with my smart/young fucked-up-ness that I had to deal with. When you have something "big", people fuck with you. Most people don't, because very few are that insecure and petty, but you get a disproportionate amount of creepy attention that comes from a very insecure 5% focusing on ~0.5% of the population. In his case, though, it's <0.00001%.

Simple things like renting a house/apartment in another town to live in for a week or a month before collecting, registering a new telephone number, perhaps now even signing up for new dummy email address, for folks to contact you, and never living there or using those after you win, will help to stay anonymous.

Not sure why people claim the money so quickly. I rarely check tickets I've bought within a month or two of the purchase date. I guess the thought of possibly winning is better than knowing that I wasted those few dollars on it, but also that nothing much would really change (other than a new laptop and camera).

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