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No, that wasn't the point I was making at all.

Google, as a search engine, is a generic "find the most relevant thing based on the keywords I provide". Amazon, as a search engine, is closer to "find the things I would be most likely to buy based on the keywords I provide". The two functions are entirely different.

I didn't make any comment about it being "less evil" (was that intended to be a quote?); I was making a comment about the intended function of the service. I could have substituted in DDG or Yahoo! or Bing and the point would be the same; equally, it makes as much sense to provide Amazon-based results to me as it would do to provide results from Target or Walmart.

No, of course you didn't say anything about it being less evil; but that is what Richard Stallman is talking about. So your position is that this is a usability issue with the "feature"? Your comment is baffling to me now.

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