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This will put me in your potential dislike bucket but while I dislike GoDaddy and can't recommend them either, I wouldn't judge others for it. Many may not even be aware of the distasteful things they've done or don't mind their upsells, etc... It's pretty poor to judge sites and people base on the service they use.

I'm quite sure any people who continue to use them probably haven't been made aware of or taken the time to consider their missteps. And if someone wants to continue doing business with GoDaddy that's their prerogative. I must disagree with you though in regards to it being poor to judge a site based on the services they use. Who you support with monetary contribution says everything about you and your values. Especially when there are other options in the marketplace. That's the reality of running a modern business whether you like it or not. If you align your brand with a controversial figure then you must be prepared for the backlash. It's not always fair but it's how the world works.

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