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I would've thought the same as you, but what we witnessed in the UK with sports licensing to Sky is that exclusivity deals of the major sports (Football) strengthened Sky's hand in negotiating with other content owners.

"Wouldn't you want your content to be on the platform with the biggest and best content, with the people most likely to pay for it, and being marketed by us?"

In effect Sky knew that Football acts much like an anchor investor in bringing the sheep with them.

I suspect Netflix is betting on a similar thing, if they overpay to ensure Disney exclusivity not only do they get the content, but they get a stronger hand in negotiations with other content owners.

Netflix will be looking to Disney to become the anchor in their negotiations with other content owners, and a very powerful and big anchor they are.

It lends enormous cachet to Netflix to have secured a deal with one of the most shrewd and largest content owners there is.

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