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Speaking of which, why don't someone just sell boxes for peoples homes? You know, some reasonable size container that you can only put things into but not take out of. Wouldn't that eliminate that reason for BufferBox? I think the only use case remaining would be in urban areas where space is at a premium.

EDIT (in response to leddt since I can't reply): if you ask UPS to leave the packages without signing, will they refuse to do this even if they are placing it in a secure place?

I've been thinking that this could be an interesting idea, especially when you consider that the Webvan model now seems to be becoming a reality. A larger size delivery box for everything from dry cleaning to packages, maybe with a refrigerated portion for groceries. Maybe with some kind of access control so they couldn't be targeted by thieves, with codes that could expire?

Oh, I really like the idea of using this to launch home grocery delivery.

Patent pending... ;)

The Austrian postal service does something like this. People can install boxes on their homes that will be used to deliver packets. I believe for a single household it is quite expensive though, but probably useful for larger buildings that could share a box.

(They are also starting to put up automatic stations, like the German postal service does.)

One thing BufferBox does that this wouldn't cover is that they sign for your package if required.

We manufacture products that we ship to our customers via fedex ground, and they require a signature for anything valued at > $500, regardless of what we or the customer wants.

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