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Ask HN: What are you Always Googling?
7 points by gusgordon 1551 days ago | hide | past | web | 11 comments | favorite
What kinds of things are you always googling that you wish there was a faster way to find? For example PHP functions, car specs, etc.

Your answers are valuable to me, and the more the better. Thanks!

Everytime I click on stackoverflow the answer is some pompous windbag who chastised the OP for some trivial error in his post, or claiming it was posted to the wrong base, or some other infraction that wastes your time and the question you want answered is locked. I'd like to evac that site and nuke it from orbit.

You should also use startpage.com instead of google. Less spyware, same results

Java Docs for particular classes. MongoDB How-Tos and Caveats.

StackOverflow typically gets first-click answers. It's fast enough.

Home listings. I always want to use Redfin's results, but no matter how many times I type in an address and select Redfin, Trulia and Zillow out rank Redfin over and over again. I'm forced to search the address + redfin to get my result. I figured Google would have fixed this for me.

"business plan" file type:pdf "business plan" file type:doc "security policy" file type:pdf -site:.edu

Ack! There should be a new line between each of those search strings.

site:stackoverflow.com something something

... I think we are twins.

Ideas for apps, projects and startups.

CSS rules that I should know by now.


A lot of searches for php and jquery -- and lately the hack attempts that show up in my server logs, just to see what vulnerabilities they're trying to exploit.

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