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Show HN: Data-driven web service for filmmakers only
4 points by allenwlee 1789 days ago | hide | past | web | 2 comments | favorite

Would love your feedback for our open beta of filmquotra: an online software which acts as your personal studio business analyst while helping you create your custom business plan for your film project.

filmquotra provides you immediate, real value based on actual, proprietary film financial data.

If you are a film student or first-time filmmaker, filmquotra provides step-by-step guidance on creating a film financing "business model." Even a seasoned professional can run quick film comparables and film ultimates. And for the select industry expert, we provide a way to monetize industry knowledge in a controlled, organized way. It is free to use during our beta phase.

I was initially led to think I wouldn't be allowed in, being only an enthusiast and reading "filmmakers only". Loved the design and guiding interface, can't wait for features like the outline and more parts of the workflow.

Edit: The 'Learn More' link has no href?

thanks for looking and commenting! good point on the "filmmakers only." The Learn More link should take you to the help page. /help.html

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