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San Diego: join us for SD Hacker News meetup #35 (Fri 11/30) (anyvite.com)
32 points by th 1695 days ago | hide | past | web | 10 comments | favorite

Hope you have fun in San Diego! We will have our HN event in Kansai, Japan, on the same day (http://hnkansai.doorkeeper.jp/events/2094)

Cool. Have fun in Japan!

How is the tech scene like in SD in general?

Been thinking about moving there for some time now. Not into mobile apps or social networking sites, just a very strong backend developer (search engines, machine learning, etc...)

I lived in San Diego for about five years before moving to the Bay Area.

San Diego is home to a number of big name tech companies such as Qualcomm, Intuit, and Teradata. There are also a lot of defense and biomedical companies as well.

I'm not too familiar with the startup scene, but there definitely is one. I've seen some familiar names at many of the events (like Flud) and people routinely try to hold hackathons and other competitions like Startup Weekend.

One of the biggest differences I noticed was how fast and often people in the Bay Area switched jobs. I knew one person who left after a year at this company, and the makeup of my whole team actually has changed significantly over the past year. This probably has to due with how many tech companies and startups there are in the Valley, but in San Diego you'll find most people will stay with a job for a number of years before even considering about moving.

there is work around depending on what you do,but many people arent working "full time"and its expensive to live here. its hard to say which is better the girls or the weather but both are really fine. housing is an issue unless youve got the $$$$$ or know someone----right now i wouldnt be anywhere else. come on down

I live in California right now, so I not too worried about cost. I already have great weather and I am married. :)

Haven't looked at many companies, buti like what Opera is doing.

What's Opera doing?

There aren't many startups down here, but there are definitely wireless health and engineering firms.

Please send me details of the time and place of the next meeting Michael vmmcmm@yahoo.com

Is there an HN event for Los Angeles?

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