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Open Source Entrepreneurship (steveblank.com)
72 points by gghootch 1758 days ago | hide | past | web | 10 comments | favorite

Great list of resources.

It would be great if someone ranked the listed tools somehow by references on HN, StackOverflow, etc, linked to posts/comments/questions according to votes. So much great information flows through HN but it's hard to random-access that information easily when making design decisions.

Building your own using Evernote is easy. I don't always need all the details. I just need to find it again when I need it.

A wiki of all the info would also be great.

A wiki which ranks pages the same way HN ranks links.

While I offer no judgement here on the merits of Steve Blank's model, the first few chapters of the book that made him famous are here:


I'd hardly call a list of links and webpages "open source entrepreneurship."

Open source entrepreneurship would be creating a capitalistic enterprise in which anyone can freely participate, and whose participants can modify its practices for his/her own use, with an end goal of monetary profit. Something like:

-- a pool of capital from which anyone can borrow for entrepreneurial purposes and pay back with zero or minimal interest.

-- an enterprise with a stated function or goal that anyone can join and from which anyone can profit.

This is just a collection of links with a sexy header.

An interesting question would be: can you open-source entrepreneurship and retain the core principles of both?

Historically the construct called, "family" has in some cases afforded both. However the open-source aspect is generally lost outside the bounds of said structure.

The "Legal Wiki" linked in the legal section is sadly dead but Florian Fader re-uploaded most of the documents on Docracy (that also hosts pretty much all the free funding documents available)

thx. fixed and updated the tools page with Docracy.

Trying to sell his books. I don't see any added value in his list.

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