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Bones: Simplify the Process of Creating a Wordpress Theme (themble.com)
20 points by Charles__L 1786 days ago | hide | past | web | 4 comments | favorite

For those interested in this they might also check out underscores theme by Automattic[1].

Bones is an okay starter but if feels like a more thrown together bundling of the latest and greatest of the web development trends (320andup, sass/less, html5boilerplate) than a functional starter theme. But at least it follows the wordpress coding guidelines unlike roots[2].

Question for those who understand open source licenses can this theme even be licensed under the WTFPL considering that it uses wordpress provided functions like (get_header and wp_enqueue_styles)?

[1]: https://github.com/Automattic/_s or http://underscores.me/

[2]: http://www.rootstheme.com/

We used the Bones template as our starting point for http://www.noshon.it. It served as a great barebones theme to customize off of. As previously mentioned, the documentation throughout all of the files is awesome - very helpful for first time Wordpress work.

We actually replaced the 320grid and other styles with Bootstrap because of familiarity with the framework.

Very impressive and well-documented. I wonder if this could be the Bootstrap of the WP world (although much more lightweight and not actually a framework). Did I mention the well-documented CSS.

http://320press.com/wpbs/features/ - the bootstrap of the WP world is based on Bones + Bootstrap.

Or you have the Roots theme if you are willing to break some wordpress conventions for cleaner code as an end product.

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