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+1 Thanks for sharing. Regarding the language of choice, I think there's some Scala, Erlang and other frameworks in the mix at either party. I think it depends on whether you're working on core products, or the duct tape that you mentioned. (Example, Twitter attracts both sides of the camp - Django and RoR). But regardless, with your skillset, I think you'll be happy with the challenges and intellectual stimulation at either place. It's ultimately about the cultural fit like you said. Congrats, and all the best on the new job!

> Example, Twitter attracts both sides of the camp - Django and RoR

I'm not sure how this sentence is related to the previous sentence; are you associating django and/or ruby on rails with duct tape / "core" products ?

Google is overwhelmingly C++/Java/Python, but there are outliers (especially among acquisitions). I can't comment as to Facebook's mix.

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